Hidden Trophies - A Hattie Frail Story

At Braiden House three healthy pensioners Bernie Cooper, Guy Bridges and Valerie Pacey have all been found dead in the past two days. Residents Gill and Alison are worried that something doesn’t feel right and call on their friend Hattie Frail who does confirms their worst fears that a murderer has struck in their peaceful home.

Detective Inspector Dorking finds few clues but then Hattie provides an unexpected lead that Guy Bridges was one of two men to murder Miss Kirsty O’Hara an attractive teenager many years ago and a gold necklace and a bracelet were kept as souvenirs.

Can DI Dorking and Hattie solve Kirsty’s murder, locate her necklace and bracelet, and find the reason why these murders, locate the necklace and find the reason why the three pensioners had to die.

Recommended Age - 13+

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Story Version - 1st Edition

Copyright - Zoe Hunter

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