The Sea is Red

The Sea is Red was the first song that Les Roberts wrote as his personal anthem for World Autism Awareness Day.

Profits from the Sea is Red are being donated to Autism Bedfordshire

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You tell me you are certain I don’t love you any more

If that is true there are a few more facts you can’t ignore

The sea is red, the sky is green

Methuselah died at seventeen

The planet Earth’s a medicine ball

The seven dwarfs were ten feet tall

I cannot understand it when I’ve given you my word

My love is never ending, so isn’t this absurd?

The sea is red, the snow is black

Ducklings miaow and kittens quack

Henry the Eighth was a bachelor gay

And Christmas falls on the first of May

It’s me who’s getting worried – am I the one who’s fooled?

Are you trying to tell me it is your love that’s cooled?

Can you not see I’m here to stay?

When have you known a single day

That I have not been by your side

With love I’ve never tried to hide?

Everyone who knows us thinks we are the perfect pair

It’s time to start believing, so please tell me that you care

If I’m wrong it must be said

The sky is green, the sea is red…….

©Copyright September 2004

Written by Les Roberts