The Moon Crystal

Not so long ago in a valley lived a ruler griffin called Wing Li. He was well liked and respected by all within his community. During the summer Han was lucky enough to get picked out of twenty other hopeful griffins to be his next young apprentice.

It’s now mid-October, Han has just finished work for the day, and is looking forward to having some well-deserved time off. It’s late in the evening and he gets a visit from Lin Xie the goshawk. Han has been ordered to return to his master at once for tomorrow will now be spent with all council leaders instead for, they have something very special to tell him, but what is it?

And when Han is just about to leave, unexpectedly an un-welcomed griffin visits Wing Li, it’s his elder brother Dao Chin, but why is he there?

Recommended Age - 9+

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Story Version - 5th Edition

Copyright - Zoe Hunter

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